Goodbye Live Journal.

Well, it's been fun. But alas, I'm finding less and less time to blog about life stuff.

In my continuing effort to be more professional, find a job, and make something of my life, I am finally doing something productive with my domain.

My new blog can be found at Feel free to comment, critique, debate, praise . . . whatever. Just don't be childish.

I will be reading LJ from time to time as I can, but in all likelihood, this is my last post.

Good bye.

FARGO 2009 Results

Posted on behalf of Tracy Becker.

Thank you all to the participants of FARGO 2009. Without you, FARGO
truly would not happen. I had a wonderful weekend, as I hope all of you
did as well.

The results of the events are as follows:

32 entrants

1 Mike Haddad Jr. 875
2 Matt Vining 600
3 Mike Miller 400
4 Rick Becker 325
5 Stevan Goldman 250
5 Todd Bergmann 250
5 Paul Chakoian 250
5 Mike Haddad Sr. 250

35 Pairs (70 total)

1 Alan Stuart 429
1 Mike Klein 429
2 Tina Gonzalez 429
2 Barry Kornspan 429
3 Jim Rogers 429
3 Helen Rogers 429
4 Rocco Scavetta 429
4 Larry Khirallah 429
5 Ashley Adams 429
5 Brian Hackett 429
6 Claude Carlson 250
6 Stephen Rosenblatt 250
7 Len Greenberg 250
7 Peter Segal 250
8 Frank Sordi 250
8 Matt Ivester 250
9 Don Hemstock 250
9 Anne Barylick 250
10 Joyce Ciotti 250
10 Bob Lauria 250

84 entrants

1 Sally Rogers 2573
2 Candy Koepke 1589
3 Tracy Becker 978
4 Noah Daiell 704
5 Todd Bergmann 587
6 Bob Lauria 489
7 Brian Hackett 399
8 Tom Bessoir 306
9 David (DJ) Coates 224
10 Joe Morrissette 199
11 Chris O'Connor 100

47 entrants

1 Bill Keenan 1314
2 Dave Tahajian 1000
3 Ming Lee 638
4 Stephen Rosenblatt 547
5 Charles (Chic) Natkins 456
6 Joe Morrissette 364
7 Joyce Ciotti 120
8 Ron Lyons 120

cover of the day

Yeah, it's Disturbed. but this is one of the best covers I've heard in a long time.

Midlife Crisis - Faith No More, disturbed is very true to the original.

For comparison, here's the original masterpiece by Faith No more.


More cash back for online shopping.

In my best efforts to make some extra money, as well as save my friends money on shopping, I have found another source for cash back.

Mr. Rebates

(For those who can't see the banner, here is the link.)

It's just like, but it has better rebates at many of the stores.

Several of my friends have already signed up and used CashBaq. Hime tells me that had he known about it a few months ago, he would have received over $500 in rebates from Dell. It's worth a look anyway.


Profit baby!

Today I played eighty $3.40 Turbo SNGs.

I made . . . wait for it . . . $1.

At this pace, I'll be able to stop worrying about finding a job and become a professional SNG grinder in no time.

Window stacking made easy? **UPDATED**


Friend of mine from the BARGE list directed me to a very small, simple and free app called Sizer. It works perfectly. I now have a 16-table stack and a 20-table stack defined. I'll do more later.

As a side note, you can't open more than 20 tables on Stars at one time if you're just observing without playing.

(cross-posted to the BARGE list0

Does anyone know of an app (preferably free) that I can use to easily stack identical-sized windows directly on top of each other (without dragging and dropping and trying to eyeball it)?

Yeah, I'm talking about poker tables if you must know, and so far I can't find any quick and precise method of stacking tables, so I thought I'd go the route of a basic Windows question.

Any input is appreciated.